BAXI  241839

BAXI 241839

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Product Information

Baxi 241839 Board Electronic User Assembly 100he, Great deals on Baxi spares from Boiler Parts.
Baxi Boiler PCBs are installed in all modern day appliances, large or complex systems can require two or even three for normal operation. The pcb is in charge of all operations, installed with routines to operate the boiler it was created for. Every action within a boiler is controlled, monitored and initiated by the PCB. Various sensors transmit data and allow the pcb to utilise this in real time and adjust accordingly. Safety is the highest priority, so the PCB can restrict operation immediately if a safety concern is detected.


BAXI Boiler Spares orders - delivered within 24 hours for all in-stock BAXI spare parts, when purchased before 3pm. We also supply many other spare parts and accessories for BAXI boilers.


  • Warranty

    BAXI spare parts come with manufacturers standard twelve months warranty.

  • Warning

    When replacing any spare part on appliances, use only genuine boiler spare parts that you can be assured conform to the safety and performance specification that the boiler manufacturer recommends. For your safety & your families, please do not use reconditioned or copy parts that have not been clearly authorised by the boiler manufacturer.