WORCESTER  87161163790

WORCESTER 87161163790

Previous Code: 87181206160



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Buy your Worcester 87161163790 - Greenstar 18i System Lpg Erp Burner today, with a fast UK delivery..

Previous Worcester Part Codes: 8-716-116-379-0, 87181206160

The Worcester Greenstar 18i System Lpg Erp burner bar is the primary heating way for the heating appliance. Within the appliance the gas travels through the pipe work to the gas control valve and then on to the burner bar, where it is ignited through the pilot light. The high temperature produced is then used to heat the water withinin the boilers main heat exchanger., Worcester Burner Bars Are Dispatched Same Day, For Next Day Delivery


WORCESTER Boiler Spares orders - delivered within 24 hours for all in-stock WORCESTER spare parts, when purchased before 3pm. We also supply many other spare parts and accessories for WORCESTER boilers.


  • Warranty

    WORCESTER spare parts come with manufacturers standard twelve months warranty.

  • Warning

    When replacing any spare part on appliances, use only genuine boiler spare parts that you can be assured conform to the safety and performance specification that the boiler manufacturer recommends. For your safety & your families, please do not use reconditioned or copy parts that have not been clearly authorised by the boiler manufacturer.